Reasons Why People Can’t Get Enough of Antlers

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While this may be hard to believe, people have actually been hunting deer antler for centuries. Back in the early period of man, deer antlers were primarily utilized as weapons and tools, which make them very useful. There are a number of benefits you can find in deer antlers. Such benefits are the reason why […]

The Basics of Elk Calling

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Veteran hunters will tell you that the art of hunting is far more complicated than simply pointing and shooting; there are a lot of nuances that go a long way toward being a proficient hunter. One of those nuances is calling animals and mimicking their language in hopes of drawing them to a spot where […]

Helpful Tips for a Beginning Bow Hunter

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Whether you’re a hunting enthusiast who’s looking for a new challenge, or you’ve watched The Hunger Games a few too many times, bow hunting can be a great new hobby to try. On the surface, it may seem like a difficult trade to master, and it will certainly take some time to become proficient at […]

3 Awesome Hunting Charities

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We don’t often associate environmental conservation with hunting, but the two are actually closely linked. Hunters are always outside enjoying all that the natural environment has to offer, and often times the hunting they do is actually beneficial for the population control of certain species. Of course, hunters have just as much incentive as the […]